Managed IT Support Services 

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Day-to-day IT Support

Fast, reliable 24/7 IT Support ensuring any issues are dealt with effectively.

10-minute response time to critical requests.

Continuous updates and proactive communication.

On-site visits to the surrounding areas of operations.

Access to IT Support App where you can schedule calls, log issues and see updates.

New user and leaver management

Procurement of appropriate hardware on your behalf

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Proactive Management

Proactive maintenance and monitoring of your systems to prevent issues.

Regular updates to applications in the background.

Proactive patching of hardware and software to fix vulnerabilities.

Out-of-hours maintenance to keep your devices up to date and protected,

Data analyses and assessments to identify reoccurring problems and pinpoint the route of any issues.

Remote management tools to enforce best practices on devices

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Strategy and Planning

Annual strategic planning meetings to ensure your IT roadmap is aligned to your business goals, with built-in timescales and cost planning.

Ongoing quarterly IT environment audits with your dedicated Business Technology Advisor to identify where improvements can be made. These meetings will focus on:
- Technology recommendations to grow your business

- Cyber security expertise to safeguard your business

- Reporting and visibility of employee experience to provide insights for improvement

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Managed Service Desk

Our 24x7x365 remote managed service desk enables you to outsource all your IT issues. Our dedicated team will manage any incidents, service requests and all communication with your users. Our operatives pride themselves on speedy response times and their specialized incident-solving expertise. Our managed services provider teams are trained to adapt to your working culture and the issues you experience the most as a business.

Our 24x7 Managed Service Desk provides

Consistent 24/7 service desk support that either replaces your service entirely or fills in the gaps that you cannot cover yourself.
A fully outsourced, or hybrid model that either supplements your own in-house team or replaces it.
A consistent level of support that maximizes employee productivity and customer satisfaction.
Pay for service desk support only when you need it and not when you don’t, maximizing the utility of your budget.
High response rates that meet your KPIs and outstanding incident solving expertise.
Remote operatives that will are trained to adapt to your working style and the nature of the problems you experience the most.
Expert teams capable of remotely connecting to users’ devices to resolve their issues there and then.
Creation of network accounts, granting access to shared directories, creating email accounts, shared mailboxes and distribution lists; supporting printers, monitors and all the other peripherals that users need.
Additional support if your user issues are hardware related and require an onsite visit.

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IT Outsourcing

Our fully managed IT Outsourcing effectively delivers IT-enabled business processes, application support services and infrastructure solutions to meet your required business outcomes. Whether you’re an IT Manager or a business leader, managed service outsourcing provides you with invaluable peace of mind, knowing all your requirements are managed and monitored by a trusted partner.

Our IT outsourcing company provides a range of services, delivered on a 24x7x365 basis, to support our customers’ complex and varied needs. Our experienced global teams enable us to deliver services at cost-effective prices and industry-leading Service Level Agreements.

A bit more of what we do

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A cohesive network reduces load time and allows you to focus on what is important

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We’re the experts in finding faults, designing systems and implementing IT Support solutions for your company.

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Reduce costs, decrease the chance of data loss and downtime

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CCTV and security surveillance solutions by CIT are the finest way to defend your home or business with high-quality surveillance and storage.

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New “Next Generation” Phone System Makes Your Employees
and Customers Happier While Lowering Costs!

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

A cohesive network reduces load time and allows you to focus on what is important.

Remote IT Support

Help Desk IT Support
We're passionate about support and we've made it easier for you to get it 24/7.
Use the channels below to contact us.

Our Remote IT Support Services to monitor and manage your infrastructure to prevent disruptions to your business

Cyber Remote IT Support Services are one of the key components of our Support Service portfolio.

Our customers can contact the service desk at any time 24/7 from any location. They chose the channel they prefer to use when communicating with us. Our Remote IT support services employ experts that can guide users to resolve their issues, wherever possible we use remote control software to assist the user and resolve the issue as efficiently as we can. Every interaction with the customer is logged and tracked against SLA and user feedback.

We use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric to measure customer satisfaction and customer loyalty data, the scores are measured with a questionnaire survey and reported with a number from -100 to +100. The charts below show the NPS data in real-time.

Cyber I.T  Remote IT Support Services include...

24/7 IT remote help desk services, 365 days a year. This can be a co-sourced help desk or fully outsourced)

ITIL compliant services include: Service desk, Incident management and Problem management processes

Monthly reports detailing how many calls were logged and trend analysis

SLAs for incident response and resolution.

Other services can be added as required to build the perfect support model for you.

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Remote Infrastructure Management

24/7/365 infrastructure monitoring and fault resolution

Routine, preventative maintenance such as clearing our log files, and applying patches and security updates.

Monthly reports detailing activity and trend analysis.

ITIL compliant service - service desk, incident management, problem management processes

SLAs for incident response and resolution

Other services can be added as required to build the perfect IT support model for you.

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Cyber I.T Masters consultancy process

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1. We get to know you

You’ll be given a dedicated Business Technology Advisor, who will invest time in learning your specific challenges, risks, and goals to ensure we can tailor your IT consultancy to your needs.

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2. We start planning

Once we have a clear understanding of what you need, we will start planning the next steps for your success. This includes identifying solutions to your problems, as well as areas of opportunity to help your business grow.

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3. We recommend your solution

Based on our analysis we will present you with the best IT solutions available to support your goals. This will include a three-year IT roadmap, outlining budgets, timeframes, and projections, for each stage of the process.

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4. We deliver

From larger-scale infrastructure updates to one-off projects, we will support you by delivering our recommendations through to completion, making sure you are supported every step of the way.

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5. Ongoing IT consultancy

You will benefit from Quarterly Business Review meetings, where your Business Technology Advisor will help you analyze the success of your ongoing projects, current IT setup, and areas for improvement.

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6. Always on hand

Based on our analysis we will present you with the best IT solutions available to support your goals. This will include a three-year IT roadmap, outlining budgets, timeframes, and projections, for each stage of the process.



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