Our service catalogue includes:

Audit and Asset Management
Server Room/Data Centre Management
Server Performance Monitoring and Management
Storage Monitoring and Management
Multi-Functional Printer Monitoring and Management
Workstation Performance Monitoring and Management
Network Performance Monitoring and Management
Backup Monitoring and Management
Auxiliary Power and UPS Monitoring and Management



Your organisation will ultimately utilise  multiple cloud environments if it doesn’t already.  Combined with your on-premise environments, you have an IT estate, requiring time, money, energy and the right tools for IT staff to control. 

Cloud Assessment

Our Cloud Assessment Service helps you to understand your current IT estate’s suitability for a potential move to the public cloud. We give you a high-level illustration of your IT estate’s appearance on the public cloud.  Whatever your journey, we will support you in taking the next steps, find out more below.

Private Cloud

A private cloud gives you the dedicated cloud computing resources you need while simultaneously providing you with the physical security and service traditionally expected from dedicated server hosting. ES provide all the core elements of a secure, reliable, dedicated IT infrastructure combined with the benefits of the cloud, including ease of implementation, scalability and operational flexibility.

Public Cloud

MG IT-managed cloud servers in Microsoft Azure or the MG-IT public cloud will maximize the return on your time and investment in the cloud without having to find and hire in-house experts to do it. As a result, we give your organization a competitive edge by enabling you to remain business-focused and agile while lowering your hosting costs.

Our service catalogue includes:

Your technology can easily grow along with your business
We build your IT solution around your specific business requirements
Access your files and applications from anywhere, anytime
Cost-effective technology pay for itself faster

At MG-IT we believe these are the benefits of cloud technology:

The resources can be purchased with operational funds, rather than as a capital expenditure.

Many IT departments face a long approval process for capital funding, in addition to the wait for equipment delivery and installation. Cloud computing allows them to bring capacity online within a day and to do so using their operational budgets.

Cloud computing is dynamically scalable. Businesses can draw as much computing power as is necessary on an hourly basis.

As demand from internal users or external customers grows and shrinks, the necessary computer, storage and network capacity can be added or subtracted on an hourly basis

The equipment does not reside in the company facility.

It does not require upgrades to the electrical system, the allocation of floor space, modifications to the air conditioning, or expanding the IT staff.

Network management

With the convergence of technologies towards the world of IP, the physical layer becomes the universal support of your security, information and communication systems. Expert in copper and optical fibre wiring, CIT offers a range of solutions adapted to company requirements, guaranteeing the durability and security of the infrastructures installed. Using a proven project methodology, CIT places its skills at your disposal for:

Internet Access:

Through a collaboration of multiple ISPs and vendors, MG sources and manages converged communication networks, allowing us to deliver solutions that are best of breed while remaining vendor neutral.  MG forms your single point of contact for your communication needs from Internet & Fibre connectivity, to full turnkey voice and PBX deployments.

Structured Cabling:

MG has you covered with a nationwide team ready to design, install and administer any cabling project you need to make sure you have a seamless technology environment. Feel confident that your installations are in expert hands that observe the highest standards. Our methodology ensures attention to detail and proper cable management.

Enterprise Wireless Solutions

MG Managed Wifi as a service that ensures everyone in your office has reliable connection. Conference rooms, back offices, and far corners are neglected in most Wifi setups. Our experts survey your environment, build out Wifi to work consistently throughout, and ensure a reliable connection on a continual basis. 

Our Network Design service includes:

Adding a mobile workforce
Adding additional locations or new offices
Installing new servers, applications or workflows
Migrating systems or functions to the cloud
Optimizing current systems for a higher level of redundancy or compliance
Adding mobile security
Network Performance Monitoring and Management
Network refresh design
Network upgrade options

Structured Cabling for Your Business

We run cables in a clean pattern ensuring a clean, organized and professional look. All terminations are done to industry standards and we even clean up after ourselves. All Cables and Jacks are labeled on both sides.

We utilize J Hooks and other means to ensure cables are not laying on ceiling tiles, etc where others may damage them in the future. We provide the following cabling services:

Multi-office indoor and outdoor single and dual coil audio systems
Multi-office and conference room high-definition and satellite video
IP voice and network cabling including routers and distribution panels

Security system, intercom, security cameras and access control
Office automation, including touch screens, HVAC and lighting If you’re moving into a new building or expanding, we can help get your devices connected.